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The results are in and it was worth the wait! In this webinar, Matthias Wolf (Co-Founder and COO) and Majella Grawatsch (International Business Development Manager) will present the exciting results of the “Employee Referral Benchmark Study 2021”. They will discuss the crucial success factors for employee referral programs, the best performing reward models and what achieves the best results from over 350 companies in different countries and industries that participated in our Benchmark Study.


Join our experts Majella Grawatch and Michaela Huber in a discussion on How to Transform a Poor Performing Employee Referral Program into a Talent Attraction Machine. They are leading consultants in employee referral programs and have worked with big organizations such as Deloitte, Volkswagen and Vodafone.

In this session you will learn:
✔️ How to rethink your communication strategy to catch people’s motivation and hearts to become an active Talent Scout
✔️ How to prioritize the employee experience in your employee referral program
✔️ The 5 things you need to have in place to make your employee referral program successful

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