Here’s how Firstbird makes employee referrals simple.

Employee referrals don't have to be a tedious manual process. Firstbird makes employee referrals easy and helps you increase your engagement. Here's how.

1000+ companies worldwide make employee referrals simple with Firstbird

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Firstbird integrates seamlessly into your workflow.

Firstbird deeply integrates with more than 40 applicant tracking systems. But it also works on its own.

40+ ATS integrations

Firstbird integrates with your workflow.

Send jobs to Firstbird with one click

Publish jobs in your ATS and send them to Firstbird with one click.

Always in sync with your ATS

Your ATS always stays up to date.

Real-time feedback for your employees

Your referrers always stay up to date on the status of their referrals.

An interface that explains itself

Employee referrals need to be simple. For you. And for your employees. That’s why the Firstbird interface ensures that everyone can get started with employee referrals immediately – without wasting time on understanding the platform.

The interface shows:

Jobs & filters

Everyone can easily find the jobs you're currently hiring for, and filter by department.

Referral overview

Any employee always sees the status of his referrals.

Reward shop

Referrers can show individual rewards, directly within the application.

White-label & Employer Branding

The Firstbird interface can be customized according to your employer brand.

Share jobs on social networks with just one click

Multiply the reach of your job ads! As brand ambassadors, your employees can share jobs and your employer brand on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, as well as messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Signal and WeChat.

Increase engagement through gamification & communication

Employee referrals thrive with a constantly engaged workforce. Firstbird makes referrals fun for everyone through a gamified reward system.

Show appreciation

Referrers earn points in Firstbird even if their referral doesn't get hired - a micro-incentive that encourages more sharing!

Individual rewards

Not everyone appreciates the same gifts. The reward shop makes it possible to collect an individual reward.

Long-term motivation

The leaderboard encourages internal competition for more referrals and makes sure the system is successful long-term.


Your employees receive immediate feedback on the status of their referrals and get targeted notifications for interesting job posts.

Activate non-desk employees through the Firstbird app

Referrals happen spontaneously, and not everyone is always logged in to a computer. The Firstbird app makes sharing a job on the go simple. For some of our customers, 75 % of employees use the Firstbird app.

Stay on top of your success with interactive reports

Want to understand how well your employee referral program performs? The insights are just one click away.

Successful employee referral programs start here

Rolling out your employee referral program with Firstbird is just one step away. Do you need more expertise to make employee referrals a success? Our experienced network of partners can assist you with the implementation.

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