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We know every company is unique when it comes to their employee referral program, but no matter what your needs are we can help you. Here are some of the services and features you can expect with Firstbird:

Do you need to integrate Firstbird into a complex HR workflow? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our team of specialists can help you implement our Employee Referral Platform into any environment, ensuring GDPR compliance and IT security.

Our Features in More Detail


We would be happy to show you all of our features in detail during a free demo. We can evaluate together your needs for an employee referral program and advise you on what’s best.  Book a product demo with one of our Employee Referral Consultants right here.

We offer a variety of integrations. A list of all our integration partners can be found here. With the help of an integration to an applicant tracking system, jobs, applicants and the status of referrals are automatically synchronized between the applicant tracking system and Firstbird. If your applicant tracking system is not included in our marketplace, please contact one of our Employee Referral Consultants.

Yes, Firstbird can be integrated into SSO (via SAML 2.0). You are welcome to do this integration within Firstbird yourself, or entrust this task to our experienced team. If required, we can also integrate Firstbird into your existing user management system. That way you can keep your user data up-to-date without much effort. Want to know more? Please contact us.

The Enterprise solution includes support and service packages like various customer success services including onboarding, engagement and support services.

Firstbird is designed for corporate recruiting and talent acquisition management. Our digital employee referral program addresses the needs of employees and corporate recruiters within a company.

Some of the world’s leading
companies use Firstbird.

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We will contact you to learn more about your challenge. After we have assessed your situation together, we will offer you a tailored price based on your requirements.

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