Employee Referral Platform for Perbility

Integrate Employee Referrals into Perbility and get better candidates, faster.

How integrating Firstbird with Perbility makes employee referrals simple.

Nur, wer das Potenzial seiner Mitarbeiter entdeckt, weckt und entfaltet, kann langfristig erfolgreich sein. PERBILITY entwickelt Ideen und Werkzeuge, um aus Arbeitgebern Potenzialentfalter zu machen. Wir begleiten Unternehmen auf dem Weg in die Zukunft des wertvollsten und wichtigsten Rohstoffes überhaupt: der menschlichen Arbeitskraft.

Attract better candidates

Candidates that were referred through Firstbird are 230 % more likely to be hired.

Reach more talent

Firstbird gives you access to a 10x bigger talent pool.

Recruit hard-to-fill roles

A-players hire A-players. Your employees know who is a good fit.

Get fast results with Firstbird​ and Perbility

With our deep expertise and extensive network of specialists, we are not just another tool provider.

We are your partner to roll-out successful employee referral programs – from concept to scaling up.

These are the results we achieve together with our clients:

50 %

of new hires through referrals

30 %

faster time-to-hire

-25 %

reduction in cost per hire

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Integrate the leading employee referral program for enterprise into your HR processes. Benefit from our experience and expertise to make it a success.

In the demo, we will show you the advantages and challenges of employee referral programs. We will guide you through our solution. Together, we will analyze your individual business case.

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